Available as a single class or a series

Amy Outman Wellness in the Workplace


In order to have a healthy and productive work place, we want to create an environment where we feel well within ourselves and in our relationships with those with whom we work and interact.   This offering is a 90-minute part lecture/part experiential practice in which clients are given techniques to create a greater level of awareness and well-being while working in any environment. 

Amy Outman Hatha Yoga


This is a physical yoga class that focuses on alignment, strength and flexibility.  Clients will be shown many of the basic yoga postures and different variations based on level.  Classes can be beginner, intermediate or advanced and can also be modified to fit all levels.  In an all-level class, care is taken to offer many modifications to each posture so that clients can work at their own individual pace.  Classes can range in duration from 30-minute; 60-minute; or 90-minute yoga sessions for small or large groups.

Amy Outman Yoga Relax and Restore


This class teaches various relaxation techniques to help restore energy and focus.  This class can be taught using chairs or using the more traditional yoga approach of reclining on the floor.  It includes a practice called Yoga Nidra (or Yoga “sleep”), which is a method of deep, systematic relaxation that reduces stress and creates a revitalized state of being.

Amy Outman Yoga Breathwork


There are many different breathing practices that affect the way we experience life.  These practices impact our body and our state of mind.  In this practice, we will discuss different types of breathing techniques and their benefits.  Amy will assess the needs of the group or individual and teach the appropriate techniques. 

Amy Outman Health Coaching


Would you like an adjustment to your health?  Sign up for a Health Coaching package!

In this 4-Session Package we will:

  • Work together to identify your health and wellbeing needs.* 

  • Develop strategies that are customized specifically for you.

*Wellbeing Needs may include (but are certainly not limited to): Stress Reduction, Weight Management, Flexibility/ Strength, Meditation, Yoga, Overall Fitness, Healthy Sleep, Work/Life Balance, Substance Reduction/Recovery, Cultivating Fun & Joy. 

Amy Outman Gentle Stretch Yoga


This is a very gentle stretch class that focuses on using yoga postures to build flexibility.  The Gentle Stretch class creates a calming environment for body and mind.  This is an appropriate class for all levels.

Amy Outman Meditation Class


This class begins with a brief overview and discussion of various types of meditation techniques and their benefits.  From there, Amy will assess the needs of the group and teach an appropriate meditation practice.  These classes can vary in duration from 15-minute sessions to whole day events.

Amy Outman Office Yoga "Chair Yoga"


Office Yoga can be practiced in an office setting in business attire.  Most of the yoga postures are done seated in an office chair or standing next to the chair.  No other equipment is needed.  This class is appropriate for all levels and the main focus is on reducing stress and increasing vitality and productivity in the work place. 

Amy Outman Watershed Practice


Amy collaborates with local professionals to create a unique experience to get creativity and collaboration flowing for your group.  Examples include creating personal or group mission statements, coaching techniques, outdoor excursions, cardio exercise, vision boarding and more. 

Amy Outman Freedom From Food


One of Amy’s most popular workshop topics, Freedom from Food, explores our personal stories with food and how to break free from the cycles (in yoga we call these “samskaras”) that keep you stuck in old patterns.  Many yoga and coaching techniques are used within the workshop to give each student an experience of freedom from old patterns that no longer work when it comes to food.

Conference Room


Contact Amy about coming to speak to your group or company.  Topics include, but are not limited to: Mindfulness; The Benefits of Breathwork; Simple Yoga in the Workplace; Walking Work; The Daring Work of Connection; The Power of Meditation; Freedom from Food; Yoga Body and Brain Science; Moving Your Energy; Daily Happiness; Mindful Parenting; etc.