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Everything you need to know about booking classes and using class packs with Amy Outman Yoga



  • Register Ahead of Time: Unfortunately, the system does not allow you to register after class has started. If you would like to attend a class, be sure to register ahead of time. You can register for class up until the start time. 

  • Register for Each Class: There is a new Zoom ID for each class. To receive the correct Zoom ID for the class you would like to attend, be sure to register for class each time.

  • Log in to Use Class Pack: To use your class pack, make sure to log in to your account before completing the booking. 

  • Hit "Refresh": After logging in, if you receive a message stating "This plan is not valid for the date you selected", try refreshing your browser or reselecting your desired date and time. ​

  • Book a Tech Support Session: For additional help with bookings or troubleshooting, you may schedule a Tech Support session with Vanessa. Send a message to Vanessa at (650) 533-1724 or vp.writtenworks@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.